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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Anyother rule EGO,, (hereinafter referred to as "our website", "ourwebsite" or the "Site") is published in accordance with thecustoms services use the following terms and conditions of service, as well asour website (Collectively, the "Terms") for you. In the entire site,"we" refers to EGO in front of any order under this site, pleaseread the terms of use carefully. If you use this site / Or applications, thatindicates that you have agreed to be bound by the terms of use. If you areunder 18 years old, prior to registration or use of any services of thiswebsite, you must let your parent or guardian understand our terms of use,terms of service and "Personal Data (Privacy) Policy Statement,"published in this website ( "The Statement"). We reserve the right tochange the terms of the case did not notice right to use from time to time.Your continued use of this Site after such changes will be deemed acceptance ofthe amended terms of use. If you do not agree to the terms of use at any time,please do not use this website.

About the product:

Productpages are to be listed in the sale, according to its supply of inventory andfixed.


Theprice of the site identified in Hong Kong dollars. Unless there is a veryobvious error, or we accept orders at the time, the price of the product willbe marked and shipping prevail on this website at the time.

Order Item:

This siteaccepts all orders in force depends on the circumstances and Availability Theorder has been placed in your shopping basket of goods will not be set aside,you can still be purchased to other customers. Customers select goods orderswill submit payment by credit card; delivery costs are automatically calculatedfor reference. After you submit your order to us, we will send you confirmationof the order. Please note that the e-mail we just received confirmation of yourorder, and inform you whether there was physical stock and can be sold, whilewe have not received the order. All orders submitted by you are subject to ourcommitment to accept it or not. However, occasionally we may need to wait forvendors to provide us with some limited version of the product, then you cansimply register your email address, you agree to our goods will be delivered toyou at the time of notification. However, under certain circumstances we mayrefuse to process the transaction for any reason, without any liability to youor any third party. For example: ordering goods without spot or do not meetquality control standards and revoked; Or your qualifications stipulated inthis clause are not met. We will notify you by e-mail in this case, and arrangefor a refund within 10 working days to register the credit card account.

Confirm Order:

Afterthe preparation and distribution of goods, we will send you a confirmationemail, and details you give us details of goods ordered and the details andcosts of distribution services. At this point, it means that we accept yourorder and handle your payment; while you and the Tutto commodity salescontract EGO between established. Our sales contract involves onlyrecognized product shipment, we will not provide any goods other than theobligation to contract confirmation.

Payment Terms:

The total payment will beshown in the order details and to appear before you press "submit"for confirmation, this amount will be displayed again in the e-mail in theorder confirmation issued by us We accept the following payment methods:. Visa,Mastercard (MasterCard), American Express (Amex), Stripe, PayPal ,Google pay,支付寶,PAY ME. At the checkoutprocess, you will need to fill out all the information relating to theprovision of compulsory payments. Please note that in accordance with ourprivacy policy, we will collect and store your information in an encrypted datasecure payment system. The details will be fully encrypted and only used toprocess the confirmation of your transaction. All credit card payments alsoneed to have a credit card issuer for authorization before use, and your creditcard will be debited to pay fees in order to complete preparations before.

How to dispose electronic products:
1. Please don't treat it as household waste  
2. Follow local regulations to dispose electronic products
3. EGO encourage and support electronic product recycle program

1. Don't try to open or  modify this product ; 
2. Don't put this product under or close to moist, heat source, and environment easily exposed to children ;
3. Don't short circuit. When the metal object directly touches the positive and negative terminals of the USB interface,There is a possibility of a short circuit。
4. Although the product has been short-circuit protected. However, do not drop, bump, knock, rub, etc.,
    Cause other defects such as product depression, perforation, cracking, deformation, corrosion, etc,Please stop using this product immediately。
5. Do not throw the product into fire as it may explode。An explosion may also occur when the battery is damaged.