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Brand Concept

The English name of our brand is "Ego" literally for "self".

"ego" comes from Latin, and the German ich and English I are homologous words,
The Chinese transliteration "Er gao" is a kind of cognition.

Regarding its own individual existence, personality traits, and social image, it produces a kind of cognition, consciousness, and image.

EGO Innovation is the process of self-creation, pursuit and surpassing oneself. Do not make comparisons, only to surpass and innovate and create continuously.

Three English letters from Ego can be deconstructed as follows;
E stands for enthusiasm, ie Eager
G stands for guarantee, our product quality ,that is, Guaranteed
O stands for special, excellent, that is Outstanding
The above three points can be described as the characteristic 
DNA of the brand, which is also the policy of our work.
Full name of the company
Ego Innovation Limited


Bring you technology with passion

The purpose of science and technology should be to bring convenience to people, 
but in reality, it is often unsatisfactory. There are a lot of sub-par products on the market, 
and troubled many users, arouse  disappointment, and  loss of money, can hard to  find a solution
The EGO brand is to break this phenomenon. The goal is to make excellent products with 
technology, so that customers can use the products conveniently and be satisfied.

Enthusiasm - starting with every detail

Every chipset, every function, process, 
we are attentive, seriously handle and 
gatekeeping every stage, only for customers
to get the best products and services.

Special - refused to compromise with the ordinary

Our products will never be like those 
knockoff ,we dedicate our effort to produce 
the highest possible products 
for our customer


Honor Guarantee - Trust is the basis of all actions

Each product has a one-year maintenance, 
which is for each purchase customer 
protection, Also reflects our own
Brand confidence.